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  1. One of the most common signs of a past life is déjà vu, suggests Dr. Weiss. Déjà vu is the sensation that you have met a person before or have visited someplace previously. This feeling may be a sign of a past life experience with a particular person or in a specific brudoralrachinna.athwuscicounrirorogcaticanrahu.infoinfo: Katherine Marko.
  2. Jul 17,  · Past Life Lyrics: I was picking up a suit from the dry cleaners / Which is standard for me, Thursday, / I got a pretty solid routine these days / I don't know, it just works for me / Anyway, I.
  3. The past life test will discover exactly who you are. To find out who you were in a past life you need to ask yourself some basic questions that could reveal the answers. To take this test you will need to be really honest with yourself and search your memories for .
  4. Past Life Reading and Past life analysis is much easier and can be done with much more accuracy. Use the Online Past Life Reading tool given below to know details about your past human life (or lives), like when and where you lived, your (then) profession, cause of death in your past life etc. Free Past Life Reading, Psychic Past Life Analysis.
  5. So I tried the spiritual awakening steps, and though I wasn’t very good at maintaining it, I did get a big clue of who I was in a past life! So I had wings in a past life! It was an amazing discovery! I know this will sound crazy and I know a lot of people won’t believe me, but I saw that I had wings, but no physical body.
  6. Who were you in a past life? There are many ways to find it out, mainly categorized as hypnotic and non-hypnotic techniques. This is a lighter non-invasive, non-hypnotic technique to look into your soul and discover who you were in the past life.
  7. Something else that works well with the astrology is past life regression! Past life regression. Esteemed psychiatrist Dr. Brian Weiss popularized past life regression in the mainstream with Oprah in the past few years, but it's been around for a while and working with a skilled past life therapist is a great way to get at your past lives.
  8. Past Life Quiz: Who Was I in a Past Life? Who were you in a past life? Were you a warrior, a musician? Find out who you were in a past life with the Past Life Quiz. You think of yourself as Please answer this question. A peacemaker. A leader. Beautiful. Invincible. Destined.

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